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Easy Growing Indoor Plants

Plants can make your home more colorful, inviting, and purify the air by removing harmful toxins. Tender, loving care involves regular watering, feeding, and transplanting when necessary. However there are easy growing indoor plants that require less maintenance than others. We have listed below some of the easiest to grow as well as notes on their care.

Types of Easy Growing Indoor Plants

For people who do not have a lot of free time, carefree leafy plants provide decorative greenery without the fuss.

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Indoor Office Plants

The popularity of indoor office plants continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Having a plant as part of your workspace helps give a hectic place a calming effect. It is a good idea to be selective when choosing your indoor office plants since some may rapidly outgrow a small space or smaller sized ones may be dwarfed in a large area.

Plants for the office have been scientifically proven to aid boosting employee morale and increasing concentration levels. A recent study indicated that employees stayed on-task with faster response times when living plants were placed in their work areas. Scientists attribute the heightened productivity to the plants' capability of reducing excess carbon dioxide from the air.

Plants help a growing problem affecting many office building around the world known as Sick Building Syndrome. It is caused by toxins created from man-made materials such as paint, plastics, furniture, insulation, synthetic fibers, carpet, cleaners, and plywood.

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Indoor Houseplant Varieties

Indoor houseplant varieties vary as much as their owners do. However, there are really only five major categories of houseplants.

The first is the flowering traditional varieties. These include some of the more exotic plants like rare orchids but also include simple bulbs planted in the winter and forced into bloom. The second category is the cactus and succulents. The third category of houseplants is plants used for the beauty of their foliage.

Bonsai plants make up the fourth category of houseplants. Finally, there are practical houseplants. These plants provide herbs and vegetables for dinner. Some of the plants fit into several categories.

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How to Grow Indoor Plants

How to grow Indoor plants and planting indoor houseplants depends on the type of plant you have. Some indoor houseplants need a humid atmosphere and lots of moisture while others thrive in arid, dry conditions. Growing indoor plants depends on the plant itself. Before you begin, you have to take the time to learn about the plant and the conditions it loves.

Tips for How to Grow Indoor Plants


The type of soil necessary for plants varies with the plant itself. Some plants like a sandier soil with little organic matter. Other plants thrive on soil with a lot of organic matter. They require a heavier almost bog type of soil.

The pH of the soil also varies from plant to plant. Some plants require a highly acidic soil to grow at their best. This same acid level could impede the growth of other plants or even kill the plant.